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In an industrialised world where machinery, vehicles and equipment make up our civilisation, details matter.

Loosening bolts can lead to fatigue failures, unplanned downtime, lost production, excessive maintenance costs and even injury.

From petrochemical and rail industries to power regeneration plants, they require a bolting solution that not only ensures the safety of their employees, projects and investments, but also enables their equipment to push the limits of daily operations.

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Nord-Lock security solutions for bolted joints. It consists of a pair of washers; the inner side of the washers has cams, so they are placed opposite each other, and the outer side of both washers is serrated to grip the surface of the washer.

You can ask us about the different possibilities of original Nord-Lock washers by email:

nordlock arandela
Nord-lock washer
nordlock serie x
Nord-lock X series
nord-Lock packaging
Nord-lock packaging


  • Rail
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Freight and passenger transport
  • General construction and bridges,
  • Petrochemical, wind, mining.
posicionamiento arandela
washer positioning

Superbolt was the first global brand to revolutionise the nuts and bolts industry with Multi-Jackbolt Tensioner (MJT) technology. Since then, our technology has been proven in hundreds of thousands of successful installations and we continue to develop multiple solutions to meet the next generation of bolting challenges.

More information is available at

superbolt tuerca de tension
superbolt tension nut
superbolt tornillo de tension
superbolt tensioning screw
ezfit superbolt
ezfit superbolt

Boltight has been a leader in hydraulic tensioning for over a decade. Our tools offer fast, accurate and safe solutions for tightening and loosening multiple bolts simultaneously.

tensionador boltight cementados
tensioner boltight cemented
tensionador boltigh
Boltight tensioner
boltight tensionador tsr
TSR Boltight Tensioner

The Expander system makes repair easy; even if the wear on the lugs is complex, it allows for in-situ repair with minimal downtime. If the bolt shows some wear, the sleeves simply expand according to the wear pattern and fix the system without incurring downtime or costly in-line welding and drilling; simply retighten.

Each Expander system comes with a full Lifetime Warranty. We guarantee that your solution will deliver the expected performance from the time of installation until the end of its life.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email:

Sistema Expander
Expander System
pieza de sujección expander
expander fastening piece
disposición multiperno en el sistema expander
multi-period arrangement in the expander system
pieza de sujección de cabeza plana sistema expander
flat head clamping piece expander system

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