Our Company

Our Company

Committed to safety at work, equality and integrity of people, and the ilusión of formin tha great team, which day by day makes this posible.

TORNISTORE was born with a creative idea of coupling its products to the needs that European rules market.

Since its in 2015, the company begins to work about it in an escalated way, in perfecting its áreas of work, in wich part of the staff already has more than 35 years of experience. It adapts to the new technologies of making orders, labeling an distribution processes.

Hand in hand with an externa companies tha guides us annually, once the ISO 9001, certification has been passed. It´s committed to continuing to make constant improvementes in all its fields.


Knowing the sector for so many years, we carefully choose our products to offer the best quality and competitive prices

This experience also teaches us what we still have to learn everey day, since we are not in a closed book., but open to all the improvementes, innovations and advances that are suggested to us and are in our hands.

Distributor of:

nord lock
t1t fixing systems
chemicalproducts horizontal web
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